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The EAM module of the Metis platform is a web app offered in cloud in SaaS mode that allows cataloging and management of activities related to physical assets (tangible assets), with one verticalization for those subject to maintenance, deterioration ration or aging.


The product allows you to record physical assets (tools, instruments, equipment, vehicles, etc.) by managing their life cycle, the scheduled and extraordinary maintenance activities, assignment, the use and tracking of physical position and displacements.


You can also manage the allocation of objects in structures organizational hierarchies definable by the user.

Strength points

Gestione semplice Manages hierarchical spaces of unlimited depth in a simple way

 Gestisce movimenti Handles the movements of a container apply to all goods content

Gestisce l’obsolescenza Manages the obsolescence of perishable objects

 Tracciatura dei punti Tracing the starting and arrival points of the goods

Gestione della flotta Company fleet management

Gestione del fermo tecnico Management of technical downtime of any goods or container cataloged in the system

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Most Important Features

  • Asset Management

    • Catalogs

    • Location

    • Loading/Unloading and handling

    • Documents

    • General data and technical data sheet

    • Maintenance and spare parts

    • Insurance and claims

    • employment

    • Receptions, assignments, transfers and out of order

    • Inventories

  • Prints and reports

    • Inventory situations

    • Reception situation

    • Assignments situation

    • Asset situations grouped by availability status

    • Insurance

    • claims

    • Maintenance

    • Situations and Monitoring of revisions

    • Situations and monitoring Applications

    • Consumption consultation and statistical calculations

  • registries

    • Personal registry

    • Role Management (Skills)

    • User Management

    • Providers

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