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Patient Locator is a system for tracking and monitoring of a patient within a healthcare facility, through the use of hypoallergenic personal bracelets with technology RFID. It allows the immediate location of the patient in case of:
• Immediate evacuation for accidental or malicious events (fires, earthquakes, other)
• Immediate health care in case of need
• Access to potentially dangerous areas (boiler rooms, rooms operative)
• Removal from protected or containment areas (departments of isolation or quarantine)

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It is able to follow and report the possible completion of a clinical pathway assigned to the patient, in case it was it is necessary to guarantee the completion of a specific health procedure. Report to the staff in charge by sending messages or email, violation of reserved areas or removal from areas of isolation assigned.

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Monitor all clinical pathways performed by patients differentiating the authorized areas from the unauthorized ones Recognizes the actions performed by patients by identifying them in approach or approximation, crossing and stopping.

top patient locator
top patient locator

Strength points

Localizzazione Paziente Real-time patient localization

Monitoraggio Percorso Monitoring the completion of the assigned clinical pathways

allontanamento paziente Immediate reporting of removal from protected areas or access to dangerous areas

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