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The Process Modeler module of the Metis platform allows the user to independently model activities, processes and documents related to business management.


Generic processes can be defined in which the user, for each activity, decides from time to time the next steps.


Through a specific interface, the user can define entities and entities objects managed by the application and also draw the interface user.

Strength points

Gestione semplice Display of the Dashboard with the most important data

 Gestisce movimenti Management of the presale flow

Gestisce l’obsolescenza Sales flow management

 Tracciatura dei punti Supply Management

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Most Important Features

  • Activity modeling

  • Process modeling

  • Process phase modeling

  • Disegno del processo

  • Definizione delle classi e dei metadati dell'interfaccia utente

  • Automatic redefinition of processes

  • User/feature/activity permissions

  • Link role registry/activity

  • Link person/activity

  • Presale phase

    • Customer contact

  • Sale phase

    • Request from the customer

    • Offer to customer

    • Customer order

    • Invoice to customer

    • Cash Out

  • Supply/Withdrawal phase

    • Service Delivery

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