Smart EOS

Smart EOS is a management platform for companies. Versatile, modular and customizable. Complete and intuitive web software. Smart EOS is an extremely flexible program that makes it the ideal management software for companies looking for a management software. Composed of modules and integrated functions. Fully customizable on specific business needs, but also according to the needs of different business departments: each area or office can be equipped with different authorizations with specific dedicated functions and able to maximize efficiency and improve the performance of your organization. A practical, customizable and secure tool, in line with the most recent provisions on privacy and data management using an encryption system in full line with the GDPR; a platform through which you can manage information, stampings, diaries, holidays and permits, document management and electronic invoicing.

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Smart EOS

Business Management

Strength points

  • Modular system
  • Integrated artificial intelligence
  • 100% Encrypted data

The system is integrated with a Machine Learning module in order to exploit all the potential possible thanks to AI. It provides forecasting tools to support strategic business decisions made with Data-Driven-Decision technologies that allow you to dynamically adapt to the context of the reference market, using the same context data to generate decision models. Use of innovative technologies and methodologies (such as distributed microservices architectures, noSql databases, machine learning engines) in order to obtain maximum flexibility, scalability and resilience. It uses a set of decision support tools created with data acquisition and analysis systems and with artificial intelligence technologies, in particular Deep-Learning tools and Machine Learning engines.